Super Movement Strategy

What is the long term vision? We have a simple ten-year plan.

How to Build a Super Movement

The goal is to catalyze an unprecedented progressive Super Movement and win a Progressive Super Majority –as the millennial generation becomes more than one third of the US electorate in 2020. A Super Movement could happen as early as 2020. And it is very likely to happen by 2030. But we need to be deliberate about it.

What exactly is a progressive Super Movement (other than a cute phrase)?

A Super Movement has five components:

1. STORY: 21st Century shared agenda and story based on love, survival and prosperity.

2. STRATEGY: A big systematic strategy to transform America and upgrade the movement for 21st Century.

3. SCALE: Local progressive neighborhood teams in all 300,000 precincts = 1 Million+ organized people.

4. ALIGNMENT: Align existing orgs and leaders to support and empower 1 million+ local organizers.

5. TECHNOLOGY: New tech will make this all easier by empowering local leadership and networks.

What is a Progressive Super Majority?

It’s enough votes to create real change: Overturn Citizens United, pass universal health care (which is both much cheaper and better than what we have now), defeat big oil’s headlock on our energy policy, regulate Wall St., properly fund education, stop unnecessary wars, close tax loopholes for the rich and stop tax haven abuse, etc.

A Super Majority would require: President + 67 Progressive Votes in the Senate + A Super Majority in the House + 5-4 Liberal Supreme Court + Three quarters of states.
We know, we know…

It will be VERY VERY difficult. It will take a major shift in consciousness. Plus a quantum leap in organizing and media. Plus a huge precipitating crisis (which is very likely to happen over the next few decades given that our current system is screwing things up pretty fast). Plus we need great leadership. But it’s not impossible. It’s not impossible.

At the very least, we need a clear and compelling vision and goal to shoot for – to articulate that there is a better way and it is within our grasp.

We need a realistic North Star. And we need to realize it will truly take all of us working side-by-side, and we don’t have the luxury not to go for it!