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Runnin’ Against Romney: A Word from Kaley

Runnin` against Romney: Allow me to introduce myself

HELLO WORLD! My name is Kaley, a Rust Belter born and raised. With some beautifully supportive pals, I’m about to start something crazy we’re calling Run Against Romneyand I hope you’ll join me. In solidarity with individuals across the nation who are against the policies put forward by Mitt Romney, we’re literally running against him. There’s some more specific details of how we’re doing this at the bottom, but I first want to share with you my story–my fight, really. It’s deeply personal and kind of terrifying to share with all you strangers. And even worse, with people I know. Yet I feel this election means too much to our future for us to ignore, and pretend our votes and statements don’t count. This is driving me to do more than I ever have before. Here we go!
In early July I managed to land my dream job in Youngstown, Ohio. I quickly went from steaming lattes to making a difference in the city I love with the people that I love. I knew I would have to put everything on hold for this gig. This meant I had to leave the two jobs I had before it, see WAY less of my friends, boyfriend, and family. This also meant my favorite summer past time of going to as many concerts as humanly possible was not an option. Yet about a week into my mega-colossally-cool-as-shit dream job, I got some scary news. I found out after being with someone I deeply cared for and enduring a painful split with this individual a year earlier, that I had contracted a form of HPV and it happened to be a serious one. It had turned into third stage cervical dysplasia and the next stage would be cancer. My doctor assured me that it didn’t appear to be, but I’d have to get a biopsy to make sure and then we could discuss “options.”
What. The. Hell.
I broke down, completely terrified of every aspect of what was going on. How freaking painful will this be? Will my insurance cover this or will I have to hustle a bunch of different jobs to pay for this? Can I continue with this already demanding job? The worst: Will everyone I know judge me for having to deal with this? I thought I had dealt with this scary stuff a year earlier when I originally found out and suffered a painful split from this person.A quick search on the CDC tells me this stuff is pretty common, but it doesn’t take away from how freaked out I am. Soon, my boyfriend and I found ourselves sitting in her office as she described the outpatient surgery I would have to remove these precancerous cells. Besides having Joel and a couple of amazing friends as my rock throughout this entire process, the only thing I have to cling to for support is knowing that because of this procedure I won’t have to battle cancer. This is only possible now because of the Affordable Healthcare Act which extends healthcare to young adults until they are 26. Yup, that’s right, “Obamacare” is saving my life. My story is just one out of thousands upon thousands of people who are benefiting because of something so awesome and necessary.
With this very personal story in mind, how could I idly stand by as a teaparty trifectathreatens to take over our government entirely? Mitt Romney and his equally horrifying running mate, Paul Ryan, have made threats against the healthcare act that is doing so much for this nation, despite Romney first proposing and passing this in MA. He openly supports laws that oppress LGBT individuals eerily reminiscent of the racial discrimination of days (that should be) long gone. He had the audacity to tell a high school senior in Youngstown, Ohio–notoriously hit with economic hardships since the fall of the steel mills in the late 70′s– to “shop around” for colleges he might be able to afford when he asked Romney how his family could afford to send him to one. I honestly could list so much more, because we all have our own battles. My point is that we need to elect someone into office who will support us as we fight them, and these two will do far from that. This is why I’m Running Against Romney. I’m running for my life and yours. Let’s do this!
What we’re up to and how it works
So I’ve got these super nifty American Apparel t-shirts for errebody, emblazoned with RUN AGAINST ROMNEY on the front. Sahweet, right? The idea is that we snag a few and wear on on each run we go on around your neighborhood, parks, wherever your routes may be, and especially for each race you sign up for. When you do, PUHLEASE do me a solid and message them here so I can give you some shoutouts (karma to my Redditors) and write about how awesome you are! AND ONE FINAL THING! I’ve decided to leave ya’ll with one of my favorite songs to run to with each post. This particular one is my all time favorite and feels super appropriate, considering what we’re all about here. Later, guys!

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