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Raquel Juarez-Cruz: Doin the Dang’ Thing in Nevada

Hola everyone! I am the new Nevada organizer alongside my amazing team LaToya and Nathaniel :) I am an Anthropology major and Political Science minor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas! I’m involved in two community Greek organizations and I am also the intern for Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, (which you should look up).

This week has been extremely busy but with 28 days left I have no doubts my plans will work out.

Nathaniel ran for our school Liberal Arts College Senator and did such an amazing job on a platform that included diversity and a new face to the campus. Extremely proud of him for it.
I got a few lasting people to register before cutoff time :) So yay for me!

Direct contact…(obviously) but I have managed to tell a lot of people about All Hands On Deck by addressing the fact that it’s not all about voting, it’s about information and out future as leading global citizens. I want to make flyers or include this amazing pamphlet which broke down our option for the elections my team mate LaToya made. It even informedme and I pride myself in being informed!
5. How you’re doing and big picture questions you’re thinking about (it’s OK to say you’re struggling! :)

I also want to distribute more stickers and begin the breakdown of voters and why we (as youngesters) are a pivotal influence in this election, as well as people under 18 and undocumented folks.

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