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Progressives Beat NRA in IL-2

A belated note. Just gotta say a big thank you: Joshua Grossman and Progressive Kick are a huge secret weapon for the progressive movement. Joshua is a political genius with an encyclopedic knowledge of what’s going on in all 435 congressional districts. Ask him sometime — pick a district at random: “Hey Josh, what’s going on in TX-6?” You’ll be amazed how much he knows–and state level races too. Recently, Progressive Kick led the way to a stunning victory in IL-2. I’m from the district, and the conventional wisdom was that it was a two-way race between Debbie Halvorson, the front-runner, and Toi Hutchinson, the leading African-American candidate. Robin Kelly — the eventual winner–was lost in the shuffle of African- American candidates. Black leadership, and other national progressive groups, were endorsing Toi Hutchinson to prevent Halvorson from winning. Bloomberg began running ads against Halvorson.

Progressive Kick was the first national progressive group to do a major ad buy against both Halvorson and Hutchinson for their “A” ratings from the NRA. They did a major hard-hitting ad buy and, behind the scenes, they evangelized with Bloomberg’s shop – as well as all the other national progressive groups – to do likewise. (Other groups were cautious about jumping in to what looked like a messy and probably losing situation.) Progressive Kick’s visionary early bet on Robin Kelly had a decisive impact. Progressive Kick’s ads targeting Hutchinson, and the threat of additional ads, forced her out of the race and created a two-way race, which the other national progressive groups and major local leaders felt comfortable jumping in on. Robin Kelly won in a blow-out with 58%, and scored the first decisive political victory against the NRA in the post-Newtown Era. Thank you, Progressive Kick, for your prescient and courageous leadership in this race!

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