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Madison Chatter from Max

Hey all —

I am so excited for the coming weeks. A sense of urgency has developed in Madison especially with the polls being so close and Wisconsin being a deciding factor in a D majority in the Senate.
That said: we’ve hired 10 people in the past week and are putting the finishing touches on a GOTV plan and backwards plans with clear tasks for all volunteers.
We will be doing a #ChangeTheDebate watch party tonight and early vote Thursday. Traditional techniques and creative flash mobs next week with Trick or Vote on Wednesday. Next weekend we will go All Hands on Deck for GOTV outreach through similar methods.
I’ve attached our tentative vote guide minus endorsements of Baldwin and Pocan if you’re interested in checking it out. It will be on a 5.25 x 5.25 glossy, full color card. We figure that black and white slips of paper won’t cut it so we’re aggressively fundraising to make this happen.
We have plans to #ChangeTheDebate and get the local candidates talking about student loan debt and immigration. Feedback and criticism requested!
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