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Kaley On: Affordable Care Act and Run Against Romney

So, why do I Run Against Romney? It’s nothing against him, per se. At one point or another, he has stood for every position – on every issue – so I suppose we have agreed at some point. There are certain stances that he currently holds, however, which I do oppose – ones that he has resorted to in order to appeal to a new and more radical faction of the once-proud and amicable GOP.

Take the Affordable Care Act, for example. The blueprint for this program was put together by Romney himself, along with some advisors who went on to assist President Obama in drafting his own version. A conservative principle is the basis of this law – personal responsibility. If the left-wing of the Democratic Party had its way, there would be a single-payer or government option to achieve a similar goal of near-universal coverage.

To pre-empt a drawn out negotiation process, however, Obama used RomneyCare as a template for the legislation he would promote. Under the ACA, an individual is under a mandate to carry insurance. If unable to afford it – and only then – the government will step in to assist via subsidy.

A boon to the private insurance industry, the ACA achieves two goals. One, nearly all Americans will soon have access to preventative medicine. This will go a long way toward increasing the health, and thusly, the economic productivity of average American citizen. Two, private business will increase and flourish. As a bonus, increased demand should bring costs down for all who purchase it. Economics 101, people!

But, since politics these days are so polarized, bi-partisan support for nearly any measure is difficult to achieve. Despite appealing to conservative principles, the ACA has been condemned by all who align themselves with the neo-Conservatives in Congress. This stubbornness and bastardization of our political system is really what I am running against. Romney is just the face of it.

Both parties are guilty. Maybe in different proportions, but still. It’s why we need to CHANGE THE DEBATE in this country. Obama might not have all the answers, but at least his policy is providing me with the necessary care I need to fight a serious illness.

So, to protect my health, and for all who find themselves in a similar situation, I am PROUD and stand FIRM in my resolve to – Run Against Romney!

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