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Gerrlyn Gacao: The Struggles of Voter Reg in Cali


My name is Gerrlyn and I’m reporting from San Diego, CA! I hope everyone is doing amazing with their programs! I have been working to register students within the UCSD community for about three weeks now and am glad to see that we are making plenty of progress here.

This past week, we’ve registered about 130 students, which is in addition to the 2,100 students we registered the couple weeks before. I have also been able to recruit 12 new volunteers, and train six of them. Earlier today, I posted flyers all over campus publicizing my program. I am hoping it will attract some more folks interested in this type of work.

Some of my accomplishments so far include the following:15 class raps, trained 6 volunteers and registered 130 students.

My challenges have been: Coalitions with other groups on campus are TOUGH. With the complexity of such a program, I have been struggling with ways to make it really simple for volunteers to be a part of. Any suggestions? Also, what are some good ways to keep them motivated?
Tip: Always make time to call through your volunteer list every day!! This tends to be a task that I leave off until the end of the day, but it is SO crucial that you make time for this!

In the next week, I hope to recruit more volunteers, find a few volunteers to help lead, and hit more class raps. Register 800 students and talk to 36 people to help volunteer. Find time to effectively train folks on voter registration while still managing the program of the day

Although I do face a lot of rejection when it comes to students not wanting to register to vote, it always lifts me up when a student that I met a few days back comes to find me to register as they said they would!

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