Gamechanger Networks

Building a 21st Century Progressive Super Movement

Innovate. Incubate. Experiment. Collaborate.

Questions we wonder about in the shower…

Why is our movement so much less than the sum of its parts? Why do so many of our best new ideas happen outside of our million dollar non-profit organizations? We have close to one billion dollars annually of organizational “infrastructure” but what about our relationship infrastructure – the glue to connect it together like synapses connecting the neurons in the brain? Can we evolve a coherent movement of movements (“Super Movement”) with enough power and vision to save the world, transform our systems, and evolve human culture and consciousness before it’s too late? In short, how do we upgrade the progressive movement to meet the challenges of the 21st Century?

What is Gamechanger Networks?

Gamechanger is a hyper-nimble, hyper-collaborative national support hub that brings together inspiring new people, new ideas, and new glue to catalyze new movements – with a vision of a 21st Century Super Movement.

Gamechanger Networks (formerly All Hands on Deck Network) works collaboratively to help catalyze inspiring social movements. Founded in September 2012 by Billy Wimsatt, our Vote Mob program hired over 200 organizers in 20 top Presidential and Senate battlegrounds. Our Local Power Network helps to strengthen statewide Student Power Networks. Our Innovation & Collaboration program curates a Crazy Ideas Bank, a Movement Calendar, and helps organize Strategy Salons – with 1700+ participants.

We run two kinds of programs: Millennial programs focused on creative high-leverage community organizing and voter engagement (the base and new leadership for an upgraded 21st Century movement). And multi-generational Innovation & Collaboration programs focused on new ideas, crisis moments, visionary opportunities, cross-movement collaboration, and the first few steps up the ladder of innovation.

Gamechanger strengthens the Innovation (“crazy ideas”) and Collaboration (“crazy glue”) power of social, movements to build the people power and political will for progressive change. We are looking to accelerate “tipping point” moments –where the right intervention at the right place and time can change history.

2014 Plans

Our big 2014 program is a major youth vote program with 200+ organizers in 20+ States – plus state-based youth and student organizing networks. We will also continue to develop our Innovation and Collaboration programs to respond to crises and opportunities – including Strategy Salons and a Progressive Mega Strategy 2020.