Organize local teams in all 2016 battlegrounds
(Governors, Senate and House) .


Want to form a local VOTE MOB in your neighborhood, town or campus?

We will help you. But only if we like you. Only if you pass the test.

A VOTE MOB is an informal progressive team or crew (usually 2 to 10 people) who understand that organizing young people to vote is the not that different from organizing a party or a Facebook group. It has to be fun, creative, and tap into existing social networks – just like the right-wing does with guns and conservative mega churches.

We have VOTE MOBs already active in:

OHIO (Cleveland, Akron, Oberlin, Lorain, Kent, Youngstown, Bowling Green, Toledo, Dayton, Oxford, Cincinnati, Wooster – w OSA partners in Columbus, Kent, Athens)

COLORADO (Denver, Colorado Springs – looking for folks in Boulder, Ft. Collins, Aurora, Durango, Pueblo, Aspen)

NEVADA (Las Vegas – looking for folks in Henderson and Reno)

VIRGINIA (Richmond, Charlottesville, Alexandra, Arlington, George Mason – looking for folks in Norfolk area, Blacksburg, etc.)

FLORIDA (Tallahassee, Miami, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Orlando, Daytona Beach, Tampa – partnering with Dream Defenders)

WISCONSIN (Madison, Milwaukee, Osh Kosh, Lawrence, Kenosha, Green Bay, Superior)

IOWA (Cedar Falls, Iowa City, Des Moines, Ames — looking for folks in Sioux Falls, Davenport, etc)

MONTANA (Missoula, Bozeman – partnering with Forward Montana)

NORTH DAKOTA (Grand Forks – looking for folks in Minot, Bismarck, Fargo)

NEW MEXICO (Albuquerque)

MASSACHUSETTS (Boston, Amherst, Lynn – looking for folks statewide)

CONNECTICUT (Hartford, Middletown, New Haven, New Briton, Storrs – partnering with UNITE-HERE)

NEW HAMPSHIRE (Dover, Keene, Nashua, Henniker – looking for folks in Manchester and statewide)

CALIFORNIA (San Diego, Palm Springs, Riverside)

TEXAS (Hondo)

MINNESOTA (Twin Cities, Duluth, St, Cloud, Bemidji)

VOTE MOBS will soon be appearing in:

North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Arizona, New York, Oregon, Washington


So if you’re interested, please holler:

Billywimsatt (at)

The VOTE MOB Model

Instead of the traditional model of volunteers knocking on random doors, or standing on street corners asking “are you registered to vote?” VOTE MOBS go where folks are at and do wild and crazy things. Registering and voting is just the beginning. VOTE MOBS do flash mobs, public art, guerilla theater, direct action, social media, bar crawls, spread memes, the whole nine. One of their signature actions is home-made local voter guides that give a smart-mouthed, opinionated (but well-researched) take on the candidates to help you cast informed votes up and down the ballot –from School Board on up.

There’s a lot more to it. And then there’s the part that YOU invent and teach us. We are talent scouting for creative trouble-makers. Maybe you are one of us.