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Hey Team,

  It’s Hayden and I’m a member from UW-Parkside, I too was recruited by the awesome Maxwell Love. I’m proud to be a part of something that is so great! 

This week I was deputized to register people in three surrounding counties.  This week I told my recruits about how important getting people registered to vote is and that’s our main focus currently. Next week we will all be doing class raps in the hopes that will help our registration count.
Parkside recently had a carnival on campus and I, as well as my team volunteered there. I also had the radio at the carnival announce where I was and also received help from the national guard! However with all this help out of the four hours I was there, I think I only got 10 registers.
I also brought the stickers to the carnival and gave away a lot of hoodie vote stickers, but as far as campaign stickers go no one wanted them. . I planned on putting up flyers around the school for information about the hoodie vote, and candidates and the administration told me I had to be apart of an organization to put flyers up, so thats also discouraging. I also planned on chalking around the school information about where to register to vote and campaign information, only to be met with a big fat “no” from administration.
The plus side to everything? I’m having a lot of fun! I hope next week I can turn up more registries! Another plus side is that i’m a professional punk and I will bomb downtown kenosha with flyers and stickers and it will be amazing and informational! I will chalk the downtown area and I will take a bunch of photos!!

I hope everyone is having fun and doing their best!!

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